Helpful answers to dumb questions
Helpful answers to dumb questions
Occurrence Staff November 1, 2022

How do I get a student ID? In order to obtain a student ID, an Oakton student must visit the media service desk on the first floor of the library. Where is the cafeteria? Oakton's cafeteria...

Fall Fest 2022
Fall Fest 2022
October 4, 2022
Reaching Upwards- artist Peggy Goldman
Look up: art show museum can be easily missed
Ava Althoff November 10, 2022

For an inexperienced art show visitor, the artwork surrounded by artists can be quite intimidating. Especially if these artists are on the way to an afternoon class for students it can be hard to prepare...

Courtesy of Kaitlyn Johnston
Singer and frontman of 'Wolf Rd.' gives scoop on the local band's origins
Dan O'Hara December 16, 2022

Music is important to area resident Chris Hoffmann, singer/frontman of Wolf Rd. From the early days of learning the guitar at 12 years old to...

We are looking for you to join our staff
We are looking for you to join our staff
February 15, 2023

Oakton removes Community in colleges name
Oakton removes 'Community' in college's name
Gabriela Krieger / Nicholas Jordan , Editor-in-Chief / Production Manager • February 9, 2023

Oakton’s name change is a development that has been long in the making. On Jun. 25, 2019, the conversation of removing the “community” from Oakton’s name was first...

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Diet Pepsi pleases in taste test?
Diet Pepsi pleases in taste test?
May 9, 2023

When it comes to soda — specifically cola — people tend to be quite particular. Many people are positive they can taste a clear difference between Coke and Pepsi, but...

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Dylan O’Brien fan enjoys his many movies
Love of actor leads to more movie viewing and trip to set
Giselle La Brec May 11, 2023

Dylan O’Brien is an incredible actor. For anyone who is a moviegoer or even if someone is not, I highly recommend watching the movies, TV shows,...

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