Musician expresses passion towards music

Shaye Rosengarden

Alex Schlupp is a first year student at Oakton with a deep interest in all things music related. Throughout his high school years Schlupp has played guitar in bands and participated in extracurriculars such as the Jazz band. 

Schlupp also is a part of the jazz band here. Over the summer he released his brand new EP “In Transit” available on all streaming platforms.

Schlupp gets his music through Spotify and other digital streaming sites making it easy for songs to be played. “Everyday I listen to music when I wake up, it’s the first thing I do,” said Schlupp.

 “I enjoy upbeat music at the beginning of the day and more energetic music throughout.” For Schlupp music plays an important role for setting the mood and vibe for a given day, as well as serving for motivation. 

“I enjoy listening to jazz while I study as it’s a great background music,” said Schlupp. As a musician with a musical taste involving many names and genres, Schlupp has something for every moment in his day.

“Music is my outlet,” said Schlupp. Whether it’s listening to the lyrics for a deep emotional connection with music or getting into funky grooves, music is always there as a form of self expression.

“If I’m having fun or in an energetic mood, I’ll just jam and maybe pull out my looper pedal. If I’m down in the dumps or feeling deep emotion, I’ll pull out the acoustic and write a song.” 

Schlupp enjoys listening to bands like the Eagles and Led Zeppelin and takes influence from these artists. “These guys really got me into starting music,” said Schlupp.

“I love playing music with people, I love to play and collaborate and learn from other musicians,” said Schlupp. “Music is a form of vulnerability.”