Wig making works as stylish coping strategy

Gabriela Garate

April 13, 2019

When she is spotted across a room, she will definitely be recognized, from her bright smile and colorful hair, Solana Hunt is often complimented for her style. Everyone wonders what new hair color she will be rocking this ti...

March Photo Poll: If a speaker is presented at Oakton, whom you believe partakes in hateful rhetoric, how would you react?

March 13, 2019

Question: If a speaker, who you believed to partake in hateful rhetoric, presented at Oakton, how would you react? Frankie Koziol: “I would be fine with it; I’d be open to what they had to say, no matter if I agree or disagree with it. Everyone’s able to have their own opinion...

Campuses take Study Break-FAST

January 15, 2019

Students and faculty enjoyed the Oakton Study Breakfast on Nov. 28. The Des Plaines campus hosted the events from 6-9. Breakfast was served at 8. The Skokie campus hosted events from 12:30-4.

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