Student employment lends benefits and flexibility


Shaye Rosengarden

Collin Olson working in the Des Plaines bookstore

Shaye Rosengarden

A variety of different departments offer student employee positions at Oakton. Student employment offers an array of benefits for busy students ranging from life skills to flexible scheduling. 

The flexibility allows me to balance other work, school, and life. I am also allowed to leave to pray, which as a Muslim s huge,” said Abdurrahman, a student employee from the auxiliary services department (bookstore).

”Students are given lots of flexibility in scheduling over standard employees. School comes first,” said Ricardo Olave, senior manager of auxiliary services.

Student employees are not treated as standard or casual employees, instead they receive a less intense and demanding experience to help prioritize learning the job and to aid in learning how a real workplace functions. 

“Students are given exposure to what real workplace experience is like, and taught how to handle projects and multitask,” said Olave. “Part of the job is seeing how different areas function and what is needed for success along what skillsets are valued. Student employees have also learned how to adapt to change within the last few years.”

“I have learned excellent inventory and communications skills here,” said Collin Olson, a student employee in auxiliary services.

Student employment also allows students to make more of an impact on their work environment, and allows their voices to be heard all the time. “My supervisor always asks for my input on certain matters. Learning the job is prioritized over doing menial tasks,” said Abdurrahman. 

Student employees create a welcoming and familiar environment for customers to feel valued and assured they are being taken care of properly. “I would say student customers feel more relaxed when speaking with a fellow student. The conversation tends to be more casual and they are not afraid  to ask questions,” said Abdurrahman.

“It is more authentic and welcoming to have a student at the front. It also provides trust for the customer to interact with a fellow student,” said Olave.

Student employment comes with many benefits to the students participating. For those interested, there are positions available on the online job board at