Are the UFC’s Upcoming Fights a Disgrace to Boxing as a Sport?

Matt Muldoon, Writer

Attention all Boxing fans and enthusiasts, a fight between two uncanny opponents is potentially in the works of becoming a reality. Former Cage Warriors featherweight and lightweight champion, Conor McGregor is set to fight Youtube star and “amateur boxer” Jake Paul.

Jake Paul only recently entered the boxing world with his fight against Nate Robinson, former NBA player and first three-time slam-dunk champion. The aforementioned fight took place last month, Nov. 28, with Paul emerging victorious.

However, many would go as far to say as the fight between Robinson and Paul was merely a cash-grab and more a fight between two social media influencers/celebrities with enough money and followers to fund it; with the upcoming rumored fight between Paul and McGregor being of the same vein on a much larger scale.

Marcos Chavez, resident of Des Plaines and avid UFC and WWE fan stated, “The fight is all spectacle and no substance… its just for boxing promoters to make a quick pay day.” Further going on to state, “Boxing has a history of shifting points for certain people to win so the boxing reputation has been in the mud for years now.”

Dana White, the head of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) said, “”(Conor McGregor) is one of the greatest fighters on Earth right now. He shouldn’t be fighting kids that have f**king YouTube videos.”

With Logan Paul, Jake’s brother and equally as successful Youtuber, securing an exhibition match with Floyd Mayweather, arguably the best boxer in the past few decades (fifteen major world titles with an undefeated record of 50-0), one may say the McGregor and Paul fight may not be totally out of the realm of possibilities.

However, should it even be a possibility? Many would say there is a certain respect that should be had for a professional sport or even career in general. To trivialize said sport or career just for the sake of making some money, one can hardly say it is what it is at its core (honorable, respectable, and inspiring) anymore.

Additionally, usually both fighters have something to gain from big-scale fights such as this. One being money, and two the prestige of winning or exposure. McGregor may get the $50 million check Paul offered to him and his team if he were to accept, however what he’d gain in money he’d more than likely lose in respect and potentially credibility/reputation.

Many would argue that McGregor accepting the offer from such an inexperienced opponent would not only be an unsavory mark on his character and values, but also seen as “selling out”. Moreso, say that a miracle were to happen and McGregor were to lose the fight against the Youtube sensation. Then McGregor stands to lose all his credibility and respect as a fighter.

Finally, McGregor and Paul are both infamously known for their trash-talk, McGregor often sporting a rather colorful vernacular. With Paul coming out with a slew of recent videos egging on the other, only time will tell if McGregor will succumb to the bait Paul has been laying for him.