Bears and Trubisky look like a different team in recent rematch

Blake Glass


The Chicago Bears team got off to a wobbly start this year, as they were predicted to be one of the best teams in the National Football League this season. That all started in week one, when the Bears scored a whopping three points against the rival Green Bay Packers. 

The noticeable errors in week one against the Packers foreshadowed what the Bears would be like this upcoming season. Many people were hoping that the new quarterback for Chicago, Mitch Trubinsky, would be good this year, however, he has definitely struggled to find his grip in the big leagues and has been performing at suboptimal levels. 

On the other hand Chicago’s coach, Matt Nagy, has turned things around for the Bears offense in the past two weeks. In addition, even Trubinsky has been looking better.

According to the National Football League, “The quarterback had a 3-plus passing touchdowns and a 90-plus passer rating in each of the last two games.”

Trubisky believes the Bears are in a better spot to change the results in Sunday’s rematch with the Packers

Chicago has defeated their opponents in three consecutive games and four out of their last five. Taking raw stats into the equation, Trubisky’s numbers are better than Aaron Rodgers‘ in the last handful of games. Of course, stats can twist and turn, and Trubisky torched two wallowing defenses in Detroit and Dallas the past two weeks to boost those numbers.

However, it’s undeniable that the third-year quarterback has improved his confidence in the past several games, making more self-assured plays, and using his legs more than we’d seen to open the season.

While Trubisky has pretty good the past two games and has brought potential hope, the Bears cannot use these two games as evidence that he’s still their future franchise quarterback. Trubisky has played decent, but so many of his throws are the kinds of throws that NFL quarterbacks are supposed to be able to make nine out of ten times.

It’s not like he’s never played well for a few weeks before then changed his style. He’s done this exact same thing in the past and that is recently as last December. It’s what he’s done for most of his professional career.

On the other hand, Trubisky might still be an option for the Chicago Bears. With an affordable contract, they can afford to keep him around to find out. But they can’t make Trubisky their only option.

With a tough Super Bowl structured defense, a consistent Trubisky would help the bears reach the top level. The question is, will he be able to pull himself together in the stressful late parts of the season? Will he finally be able to perform like a consistently adequate quarterback to help the Bears end the season on a good note?