Oakton tennis team seeks to recruit new members


Gabriela Krieger, Editor

Throughout the pandemic, opportunities to get active have become sparse. Since exercising is an effective way to maintain mental and physical health, why not join Oakton’s tennis team?

“Personally, I missed high school sports and getting back into tennis helped me get active again. Everyone’s been sitting at home due to online school, so joining tennis helps you get exercise,” said Oakton tennis player Ellie Martin. 

Tennis is uniquely psychological in the sense that it demands equal parts mental and physical strain. When playing, it is easy to get swept up in the strategy of the game; it’s all-consuming nature offers a break from the anxieties of life. 

The sport is also thought to strengthen critical thinking and concentration, qualities that are valuable for any college student. 

In addition, tennis is extremely beneficial for physical health. Not only does tennis use nearly every muscle in the body, it is a great form of cardio- due to the frequent changes in direction, tennis players are practically always in motion. 

“It’s also a way to be social and make friends,” said Oakton tennis coach Alfred Velasco. “It’s competitive, but at the same time you make friends with a lot of different people.” 

Tennis is also extraordinary in the sense that it can be played at any stage in your life. “I think (students should join tennis) because it’s a lifetime sport. You can play as a young kid, and you can play in your 80’s and 90’s,” said Velasco. 

The world of higher education fosters a culture of toxic hyper-achievement, an attitude that is bound to give rise to increased stress and anxiety. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, 44 percent of college students reported symptoms of anxiety. 

Tennis is proven to be a constructive, safe, and healthy way to relieve feelings of anxiety and stress. “And working out boosts your serotonin!” said Martin.  

Oakton’s tennis community eagerly awaits any willing participants. The time commitment isn’t overwhelming, and practices rarely exceed three days per week. Both men and women are encouraged to join. 

If interested in joining Oakton’s tennis team, please contact Alfred Velasco at [email protected]