Sports fanatic loves his teams

Matthias Kocur

“Sports has always been there for me since I was a kid until now… Sports has brought me many lifelong friends Sports is something that I will always be a part of even when I can no longer play the game,” said Anthony Lobono.

Lobono’s 4th of July edition White Sox hat

“Watching football and playing baseball gave me a new felt love for the game as a spectator or as a player.”

“Playing the game of baseball has always brought fun in my life, and I’ve learned so much from having another family apart from home.  The diamond was my second home, and I can vouch that all of my team felt the same way,” said Lobono.

Playing sports can help people bond, bring discipline, develop character, and achieve a winning attitude.  All of what is stated will help people on and off the field.

“We take from the game, and the game takes from you.”

“For people, like me, who are unable to play the game today, we still have appreciation to those who do… These people can be role models to those outside the sports world, and I think we should appreciate athletes more for their contribution to people’s hopes and dreams,” said Lobono.

Lobono believes that even though players are not required to become role models, they should for the marketing of the team.

“Even superstars can come down pretty hard, I mean look at Antonio Brown, he was one of the best receivers in the game, and he threw all that away and became cocky… The text leaks really took the cake for him, but still… If you can’t conduct yourself professionally I think there is no place in sports for you,” said Lobono.

Appreciation for Sports

Even though Lobono may no longer play baseball, he still has love for his former sport.  Lobono is a die hard White Sox fan, he owns many Sox related items, and he is proud of it.

“I have many White Sox pennants hanging around the house, and my favorite Sox related thing is my fourth of July White Sox hat.  I also have a bunch of bobble heads. I have a Jose Abreu, Eloy Jiminez, Magglio Ordonez, and Paul Konerko bobble heads,” said Lobono.

Lobono recalls the 2005 White Sox World Series as his most found moment in Baseball.

The Sox swept the Houston Astros four games to none.

“As a White Sox fan, I am obligated to say this, but there is truth to it, even though I was young, I still remember it,” said Lobono 

Lobono is also a Green Bay Packers fan.  His favorite player on the team is Aaron Rodgers.  However, his favorite football memory wasn’t when Green Bay won the Superbowl.

“My favorite memory in football was when the Seattle Seahawks took a humiliating defeat to the Patriots… When I saw that last interception that iced the win for the Patriots, I was happy, not because I like the Patriots; but I won a bet against my Stepmother for $10,” said Lobono.