Creed 3 movie rates well

Nathan Enshiwat

“Creed 3” has shown lots of improvement and likeability with each of the characters and their developments. The movie gives a spectacular plot twist between specific characters. The thing that makes “Creed 3” so interesting and different from the other Creed movies is that the actor Sylvester Stallone wasn’t even in the movie for reasons. 

 “You can’t make peace with someone who’s been so nefarious” said Stallone in an interview with Jessica Shaw. He pointed out that he will never watch “Creed 3”

The actor also pointed out that it’s not because of Michael B Jordan. “It’s been a rough and emotional time,” said Stallone. “If me and Michael B Jordan we come up with a storyline I’ll do Creed 4 with him as long as the other fella isn’t involved.” 

Michael B Jordan is the director and main character of “Creed 3”. Michael B Jordan was involved in famous movies like Black Panther (1 and 2), Fruitvale Station, Fahrenheit 451, and many more movies. The themes of this movie showed childhood between Creed and Anderson, revenge, death, abuse of power and much more. The morals of this movie were never give up, hard work pays off, forgive others, and violence is not always the answer. 

Michael Jordan showed some intriguing moves during the fights in the movie. He really stood out to the audience and showed that he is someone not to mess with in the movie. 

The movie had a very unexpected twist between specific characters and how they were portrayed. The last fight Creed was in showed to be very intense and straightforward between movement and thought. 

The only issue that I had with the movie was one of the characters had an expected death in the movie. The point of death in the movie should be unexpected and a surprise to the audience to give out multiple emotions in the movie. 

Another thing that touched me in the movie was that the person who plays Creed’s daughter is deaf. This diversity makes the story absorbing due to the fact that there aren’t many movies that have actors that are actually deaf. 

An example of an outstanding scene was the party scene because of how much drama and act was going on during the movie. This scene starts to build up to the conflict for Creed and his family. Another scene I found that was very important was when Creed’s daughter was being bullied at school. Creed thinks that violence always solves the answer while his wife thinks that violence isn’t something that can be solved correctly. 

A person who really sticks out in the movie was Anderson because he sees Creed as his little brother and stays by his side. Anderson had a significant output from a specific scene of the movie that really stood out to me. 

The amount of emotions that Anderson and Creed feel are the biggest thing to note about while watching the movie. Anderson is a character you need to pay very close attention to during the movie.

Overall I would rate this movie a 4.7/5 due to the fact that the death scene was so expected. However I am truly excited for Creed 4 and how that movie is going to be played off if Sylvester Stallone is in the next Creed movie.