Pet store employee shows passion for fish🐟🐠 on TikTok


Jomon Abraham

 Josh Portillo loves his job as a pet store employee because he loves working with a team of people who also loves animals as much as he does. He also likes to teach people how to care for animals. 

He loves fish so much he makes Tiktok videos of them.  His videos are informative to help his viewers learn about them. Check out his videos  @josh_aqua_arts on TikTok

Portillo sometimes has to make decisions on whether or not he wants to sell the animal to a customer. Portillo refused the sale of a goldfish because, “the customer didn’t have the tank set up and wanted to be as cheap as possible and wanted to put them in a bowl and they were verbally rude to me. They didn’t care about the fish’s well-being. They only wanted it for entertainment for kids.”

 In some incidents, customers would buy animals just for showings. People don’t usually think about how challenging responsibilities can be.

Jomon Abraham

Those who are misinformed about keeping fish assume that a small fishbowl will suffice a proper living condition for a goldfish. Unfortunately keeping fish such as a goldfish (Carassius auratus) in a bowl (like a 3 gallon) is not only unfair for the fish but consequential for the owner, resulting in quick premature death for the fish by the lack of proper husbandry.”

“Some people are willing to go to what’s cheapest and convenient without the commitment of proper research for said animal,” Portillo said.