CyberPunk 2077, is the Hype Deserved?

Matt Muldoon, Writer

Attention gamers, “Cyberpunk 2077” is finally out in the U.S, released worldwide Dec. 10. The game is listed at $59.99 across all platforms. Players can purchase the game as store-bought copies at retailers like Target, Gamestop, etc, or online as digital copies via Steam, Microsoft Store, or the Playstation Store.

Announced in May of 2012, the game was originally set to be released in late November of this year, however the delay did not slow down the monumental hype.

From the studio responsible for the likes of “The Witcher” series and more importantly, “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” (2015), there are definitely high expectations. This has been compounded with the marketing the studio has done for the upcoming game.

“The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” has a compelling story, groundbreaking graphics, fluid fight sequences, and complex/multi-layered characters. From what has been teased through the marketing of the game, “CyberPunk 2077” seems to have these qualities as well. However The Witcher isn’t without its drawbacks (glitches, longer load times, etc.) The same should be expected of “CyberPunk 2077”.

However, with every big release, some among the gaming community that are doomed for disappointment. This is primarily because these gamers keep building up the game, thus creating a preconceived version of the game within their head. Then once their idea of the game does not meet the reality of what it actually is, the disappointment comes.

Now this does not mean gamers should not be excited for the game to be released and to finally be able to play it. No, one should only limit their expectations and be level-headed. For if they don’t, their disappointment may even lead to outrage and undeserved critiques/reviews of the game.

In short, one should be excited for upcoming games/big releases, but be wary of “over-hype” as to not set themselves up for disappointment and in turn potentially harming the success of the game and studio as a whole.