Complexity of ‘Black Mirror’ serves as wake-up call

Paulina Niemiec

“Black Mirror” is a series on Netflix, directed by Joe Wright, which shows catastrophic consequences of using technology irresponsibly. The show tells a different story in each episode and keeps the viewers entertained until the last minute. Black Mirror consists of five seasons with four or five episodes each.

The complexity and plot of each episode makes it one of the highest ranked series on Netflix. 

Without questioning it, technology has changed all aspects of our lives and one of the most viewed episodes “Nosedive” displays it perfectly. 

The story takes place in a world where everybody rates other people and shares their information through eye implants. Every action is being judged and then rated, making people seem perfectly happy all the time. Low ratings can lead to all kinds of restrictions and can even cause a person being banned from places and events. 

The main character Lacie, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, lives with her brother and dreams about buying her own place. Unfortunately in order to qualify for a loan she has to raise her rating from 4.2 to 4.5. In my opinion, Howard does an amazing job playing that role. 

One night her old friend Naomi calls her and invites Lacie to her wedding, which would be a huge chance for her to raise her rating if she does a good job on a bridesmaid speech. Lacie starts to prepare for a big day and when it’s finally time to leave for the wedding she starts meeting all kinds of obstacles which lead to complete disaster. 

She is being banned from attending the wedding since her rating fell above 3, however she still tries to sneak in and in the end she’s being arrested. All of her dreams about the dream house and perfect life were shattered. She learns, however, that the world she lives in is fake and she can finally be free not caring about what other people think of her. 

This episode became especially popular due to the fact that something like that is actually possible and if our society won’t be careful enough with technology, we might end up in a fake world, full of fake smiles and fake interactions.  

This episode is a wake up call for our society to use less social media and focus on real life interactions with other people.