VOTE: letter to the editor

Dear Students:

Audre Lorde, A Black American writer and feminist warned us that: “Your Silence Will Not Protect You!”

Many believe their one vote doesn’t matter. Tell that to the Mississippi candidate where a tie was called and then nullified by a partisan challenge. Tell that to the Virginia candidate who won by 1 vote, only to lose in a challenge when her name was not drawn out of a bowl. Or in Iowa where coin tosses are frequently used to determine winners in their caucuses. And, of course, tell that to President Bush, whose 2000 election was won in Florida by a total of 537 votes. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!!!

YOU can do something about the impending loss of the Affordable Care Act, Roe vs. Wade, and, very likely, the Dreamers Act! YOU can vote, in your state, for those legislators who will fight for positive outcomes on these and other crucial issues. Look at Illinois, for example, where, even if the Court disallows Roe vs. Wade, the women in this state remain protected by House Bill 40 which allows for reproductive rights to remain in place.

The State legislatures can make laws allowing protection from lost medical insurance. They can write laws protecting the Dreamer status, no matter what happens in Washington. The US Congress can overturn the travel ban and could write laws to allow refugees to stay and work in the country.

Chicago and Evanston representatives voted to make each city a Sanctuary City, so that ICE is restricted. Your state and U.S. representatives can write laws similar to these: BUT: YOU MUST VOTE THEM IN!


Check online tools from places like and which help students and any other prospective voters to register and to apply for absentee ballots, if needed. Inform family members even if they are in other states.

“Bad officials are elected by Good Citizens Who do Not Vote” (George Jean Nathan)

Thank you in advance, Margie Rogasner