Get organized as online students


Josselyn Cruz

Since the pandemic began in March, many students, professors, and staff had been shifted from being face-to-face to an online environment for their classes. It has been a huge adjustment for everyone to gather all their materials into an online environment. Students had to adjust a new routine in order to be successful in their online classes. 


Here are tips on how to be a productive and successful online student for the semester:

  • Don’t procrastinate! – It is important that students always look at their syllabus in order to make sure they are up-to-date on their deadlines or professors make any changes to the syllabus. 
  • Create a schedule for the week – Many of us have other commitments including academics and it is challenging to keep it up every day. Students can create a schedule through Google Calendar or have a personalized calendar in order to see what tasks you have to do during the week. 
  • Use a planner! – In order to keep your assignments up-to-date, having a planner is a convenient way to keep your assig
  • nments organized throughout the week. If you have so many classes, you can color-code them for each class in order to know the due date of your assignments.
  • Set mini-goals for the week – Creating mini-goals during the week can help you organize and prioritize your assignments. This is helpful in order to have little to no assignments left by the end of the week. 
  • Communicate with your professors – This is a very important one because professors are on their email daily since everything is virtual. If you have any general questions or concerns, always email your professor. Professors usually respond within 24 hours. 
  • Self-care – It is important to have self-care in order not to overwhelm yourself with academics and other priorities. People can take a 5-10 minute break to take a walk or read a book in order to recharge before going back to the academic task.