D’oh!-Looks like ‘The Simpsons Movie’ predicted pandemic traumas

Thomas Boutsikakis

It’s not  surprising to say one of the most iconic television shows of all time also has a very iconic movie. “The Simpsons Movie”, released in 2007, is the perfect movie to watch while you’re in quarantine because of its humor and the relative theme of being in quarantine. 

It combines the perfect amount of Homer Simpson (Dan Castellaneta) screwing everything up and providing the audience with a similar (but still blown out of proportion) situation to what’s happening around us. 

The movie starts off as if it were any other episode of “The Simpsons”, with some classic slapstick humor. Homer goes throughout his day while checking off his to-do list. Homer and his son, Bart (Nancy Cartwright), decide to spend the rest of the day doing dares to each other.

The last dare of the day leads to Bart riding his skateboard naked down to the krusty burger and back. If you’re unfamiliar with “The Simpsons”, the krusty burger is the equivalent of McDonald’s. Bart gets caught by the police and he ends up handcuffed to a pole for the rest of the night. When Homer finally shows up he places all the blame on Bart, and so it starts a character arc between Homer and Bart in which Bart starts to despise Homer as a father. 

Homer and Bart eat at the krusty burger afterward and notice Krusty the clown making a commercial for the restaurant. After the commercial is finished, the pig that was in the commercial is about to be slaughtered. Homer steps in and adopts the pig. This leads to a sequence of humor that shows a relationship growing between the pig and Homer. Homer treats his new pig better than he ever did Bart, and Bart finds a new father figure in his neighbor Ned Flanders (Harry Shearer), who Homer hates. 

All while this is going on, Lisa Simpson (Yeardley Smith) is trying to spread awareness of the pollution in the nearby lake of Springfield. She warns the public that if pollution continues, the lake could become extremely toxic. The mayor and the townspeople decide to clean up the lake and ban all polluting of the lake. 

After having the pig for a few days, Homer shows his wife Marge (Julie Kavner) his silo full of pig feces. Earlier in the movie, Grandpa Simpson (Dan Castellaneta) had a breakdown in the church in which he warns of an upcoming danger. Marge spent a lot of time worrying about this message and connected the dots leading her to suspect Homer owning that pig would lead to this danger.

Eventually, Marge convinces Homer to dispose of the pig feces properly at the waste disposal facility. Homer, however, gets a call about free donuts and doesn’t want to miss this opportunity. He decides to dump the entire silo into the lake which pollutes it past the point of extreme toxicity immediately. 

The U.S. president finds out about the lake, due to it now being the most polluted lake in the planet’s history, and decides to send in the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). The EPA, led by a corrupt leader known as Russ Cargill (Albert Brooks), places an impenetrable glass dome over all of Springfield.

Much like in real life, the townspeople object to this forced quarantine immediately. They try again and again to break through the dome. When they realize they can’t break through, they take their anger out on each other. They then resort to raiding each other’s stores and homes in order to hoard goods that people need. At least in our quarantine, it hasn’t gotten to that point. Some people have gotten to the point of protesting, however. In states such as Michigan and New York, people are protesting that the quarantine be terminated. 

The people of Springfield eventually find out that Homer was the one to pollute the lake to this point. They get so angry they start a manhunt for him and his family that leads the Simpsons to escape the dome through a sinkhole. They’re labeled fugitives by the EPA and go on the run.

This creates more family drama that almost breaks the family apart, but at the last minute, Homer brings everyone back together. He goes on about how anyone can make quick cash in America and how he plans to use this cash to get them to Alaska. 

The movie the Simpsons to a carnival where they meet a man auctioning off his truck for anyone who can ride a motorcycle in a full circle in an enclosed metal ball. Thanks to Lisa, Homer manages to win the truck and the family makes it to Alaska. 

It shows them in Alaska for a good amount of time. This time, it shows the family back together and being the classic Simpsons. All is well until they learn on TV that the EPA is planning on blowing up Springfield and making it the new grand canyon. 

Homer wants to stay in Alaska because everyone in Springfield tried to kill him, but his family wants to go save the town. While Homer is out at a bar, Marge takes the kids and goes back to Springfield to save everyone, telling Homer she’s done with him in the process. 

Homer meets up with a native who gets him to have an epiphany that he needs to go save his old town. Meanwhile, Marge and the kids are captured on a train by the EPA and placed back inside the dome. 

Homer makes it back to town and hilariously attempts to save his family and the town. In the process, he manages to screw them over even more by reducing the time on the bomb that is supposed to blow up the town. He also screws them over by accidentally stopping the whole town from escaping. 

Homer is left with minutes on the bomb trying to figure out how to save Springfield and everyone he loves. At the same time, he has to make up with his family. This movie is exactly what you’d expect from it, a Simpsons movie. It has everything you’d expect from an episode of “The Simpsons”. It’s got everything from humor and real-life relevance, making it the perfect movie to watch at home and ride out the rest of this quarantine.