Amina’s Column: She got them Apple Bottom Jeans

Model showcases bell-bottomed pants.

Amina Mayzel, Photographer

Ever seen a “Have a nice day!” bag? Well, the 70’s were responsible for that happy, smiley-face slogan. There on, the smiling image was everywhere, from shirts to bags that we see in Chinese food takeout.

As we are moving ahead into the future, red-carpet gowns are becoming more dramatic, and everyday fashion seems to take a few steps back.

Watching “That 70’s Show” makes me want to wear bell-bottoms and tight shirts. However, the 70’s had many more trends that changed throughout the decade. “There are no rules in the fashion game now,” declared Vogue, the fashion magazine, at the time.

From men and women, cross-over trends to unisex platform shoes, opportunities were colorful, tall, and endless. The idea of mixing patterns and textures is what made this decade so unique. I wanted to show how any girl can mix-and-match clothes in any closet and create something that could be worn 50 years ago.

Last month, I advised to stay away from busy patterns. However, this month, it is all about “a lot.” High-waisted bottoms and crop tops make the illusion of a taller body. In addition, the platform shoes make it clear that height was everything during the 70’s. No wonder models were skinny to the bone and six-feet tall.

In today’s world, society is embracing body diversity. The mom-jean trend that was inspired by the 80’s actually gives the illusion of shorter legs due to its bagginess. Interesting how fashion changed from platforms into flats and sneakers. The focus of being tall and skinny from the 1970’s changed to the complete opposite in the 80’s.

Overall, baggy clothes will make anyone look smaller because you are hidden like a baby in a blanket.

At the beginning of my shoot, my model and I had hesitations about the clothes that were in front of us. This experience made it clear that thrift shopping can go a long way and hacing bottoms other than jeans can add a flare to an outfit. There is no piece of clothing that you cannot wear. “It’s all about the attitude,” according to my anonymous model.