Amina’s Column: Can’t Run Away from Sweats

Amina Mayzel, Photographer

From my past articles, I have bashed on the absolute effortless and tasteless style of oversized hoodies and sweatpants. Although, as the devils of winter weather started to come out and blow through the holes of my ripped jeans, I realized that I cannot run away from wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts. They just feel like huge baby blankets that protect me from purple knees and arms.

This is why I am dedicating this to girls like me, girls who want to look fabulous in sweats without looking like a sack of potatoes. Of course, it would be easy to pull off an Ariana Grande and just get a Men’s sweatshirt size XXL and some thigh-high boots, but let’s be real, this is school, and there are no paparazzi. If I wanted to be photographed, I would not wear a sweatshirt in the first place, and besides, it is freezing cold and staying comfy, comfortable, and warm are the three major rules of winter fashion.  

It is very easy to wear baggy clothes from top to bottom, but in order to not look like Tweedledum, I suggest wearing sweats either on top or bottom. Clothes are not only a means of expressing personality and style but can also help create illusions. For example, wearing baggy pants and a tight top can help accentuate the hips and give an illusion of a thinner waist. This trick works either way, wearing an oversized top and skinny jeans or leggings creates an illusion of a bigger bustier, and overall shorter height. If you’re a girl who already has larger hips or an upper body, then restraining from oversized clothing in that area will help by not over amplifying it. 

When it comes to oversized clothes with patterns or details, try to stay close to your size. One important rule is that the person wearing the clothes should accessorize them, and the items worn should never be the focal point. Don’t get lost in a striped bag that’s floating through the wind or a fringe box. Be the model for your clothes, and never use sweats to cover up your body. There are some many styles that can make any body type look beautiful. So don’t hide, and make sure to use the tricks that fashion has to offer!