Reviewing the WWE Network.

Brunel Toma

WWE Network. Rating: ⅘ stars

The WWE Network is a streaming service filled with all the WWE content a fan needs. subscribers are able to stream all content on demand, for $9.99/month. Think of it as a Netflix for pro wrestling fans. 

Subscribers are able to watch Pay Per Views from every year since the WWE started, and also able to watch every upcoming PPV live as it happens. Thousands of hours of exclusive programming, are also on the app. 

All can be streamed on demand, wherever.  

This app is available for download on almost all forms of technology, iPhone/Android, Laptops, Apple TV, and Xbox/PlayStations. 

It’s easy to navigate through the menus in order to find what fans want, it is also aesthetically pleasing. 

No tiered pricing on this app, subscribers get everything paid for with 9.99 a month. 

Compared to other streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix, there is a better value here, with more features like live streaming upcoming shows as they happen which isn’t possible with most, and the Network is cheaper. 

However, this app does come with some negatives. The quality can drop at times while watching something on demand or live, it has issues with the app and not the internet. There’s also buffering that can occur when too many people are watching a live episode at once, which can become problematic. 

These were the only complaints I had, but the good outweighs the bad, and I enjoy using the app. If you are a WWE fan, or a wrestling fan in general, this is a must get as subscribers get everything to satisfy their pro-wrestling needs!