Chevy Runs Deep

Matthias Kocur

Having thoughts of finding a new car to drive?  Try looking into driving a C/K 1500 Chevy. It’s great for cruising, doing chores, and off roading.  Mudding is a real blast especially with the music turned up on the stock sound system which still bumps to this day.


Chevrolet is an automobile manufacturing company owned by General Motors out of Detroit, Michigan.  Chevy was created in 1911 by Louis Chevrolet and William Durant. Chevy’s goal was to create affordable and fun cars to bring to the common blue collar American.


My 1989 1500 4X4 Chevy Silverado has been a part of my family for a long time. The car came from my grandmother to me, and the it still runs strong.  


 In 1988 Chevy decided to change up what a Chevy was.  They created an aerodynamic body with a well rounded body with a flush glass finish that got rid of the vent windows to increase airflow sufficiency.  The bed available is a 96.2 inch fleet size bed makes loading very convenient to the smaller beds that were used before.


In 88 the standard engine that was released with the Silverado was the 4.3 Liter Vortec V6 which has 160 horses and 235 lb/ft of torque.  The engine bay was also spacious to work on so if any problems may occur later on you will have enough room to work on it by yourself.


The Truck itself goes 0-60MPH in 10.1 seconds and tops out at the quarter mile at 75MPH at 18.1 seconds.  For the time it didn’t feel like it had a V6 because it ran like a V8 being so loud and powerful.


Chevy was ahead of its time with pricing and power being cheaper than the Ford trucks that brought a larger bed and less horsepower and the Dodge trucks that were cheaper but had much less power.


Today you can purchase these trucks anywhere between the price range of 3,000 to 25,000 dollars.  Sadly most of these trucks suffered severe rust due to the east coast winters, but you still can find some with good body’s out west.


The handling of this truck is very fluid and its braking capabilities are on par with even some of the sports cars of the time.  With standard power steering and the Chevy standard anti lock system that controls the rear lock breaks brings great breaking.  


The difference between my truck and the reinvented 88 is the fact mine has a V8 motor option which is 4.3 liter with 160-horsepower which produces the same 235 lb/ft of torque.


Out of all the cars I could drive there is no other car I would rather drive than my 1989 Silverado, “Big Red”.  This car packs a punch even with lower horsepower compared to today’s trucks and vehicles.


Big Red can reach 0-60mph in around 6.6 seconds which I timed on the interstate.  I have never had issues hauling with the gem top, and if I ever needed something that was extra long that needed to be hauled, I would open the window from the bed to the passenger cab to put the cargo in.  


The heavy steering is something I rarely experience in modern day cars, and it’s a great car to drive.  A blast from the past that’s still running on the original engine, I have over 230,000 miles on the odometer and just had to do regular maintenance with an aftermarket exhaust system.


If looking for a reliable car that’s fun to drive look no further than the Chevrolet C/K series from the late 80s’ till the late 90s’.  It may spark a passion for trucks and driving that may have never been explored.