Slapstick humor makes ‘Home Alone’ a timeless classic

20th Century Fox

Thomas Boutsikakis

One of the pinnacles of Christmas movies, “Home Alone” shows time and again that it is one of the funnier Christmas movies of the season. It is filled with modern slapstick comedy that makes it rewatchable every year.

The plot of the movie keeps people interested for the whole movie. For most of the beginning, it’s somewhat cringe-worthy because of how illogical and unlikely many plot points are. When the family ditches Kevin (Macaulay Culkin), it’s highly unrealistic that a huge family like that would forget one of their sons wasn’t with them for more than an hour.

After they realized he was gone, they tried calling the police. The police at first were hesitant to help which also isn’t realistic because it’s illegal to leave a child home alone while the parents are out of town. Calling the cops for a similar situation would work nowadays because people are way more concerned for children then they were in the 90s. 

Another unrealistic part was the two burglars as a whole, Marv (Daniel Stern), and Harry (Joe Pesci). All throughout the film these two are robbing houses in broad daylight and at night. 

What doesn’t make sense is why they would go out of their way to attack the kid. Not only does attacking the kid raise the charges if they were caught, but it makes an awful lot of noise that could alert one of the neighbors. 

While a lot of the logic seems flawed at certain points, which may bother some more mature audience members. The last half of this 103-minute film is filled with hilarious moments that make up for it big time. 

The funniest portions of the movie are at the end of the movie. It starts when Kevin, uses an old movie to scare away the pizza delivery guy, and later when he does the same thing to Marv (Daniel Stern). 

The last 25 minutes of the film are where it really gets hilarious. Kevin overhears the burglars planning to return at night, so he sets up the house with different booby traps to fend them off. 

Some of the best booby traps are when Kevin shoots them with BB guns. Another time is when he drops an iron on Marv’s head and gets him to step on a nine-inch nail. 

A personal favorite of many is when Kevin light’s Harry’s (Joe Pesci) head on fire with a blowtorch, or when he cuts the rope of the zipline as the two burglars are going across it. 

In the end, it’s these moments that make “Home Alone” a staple of Christmas movies. It’s the wackiness of the situation and the low intelligent burglars that make this movie hilarious despite its unrealistic plot lines.