Students enjoy beverages to start day


Chase Swaringen

One common way for students to begin their day is with a beverage filled with caffeine like tea or coffee. 

Cafes and coffee shops like Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks serve nearly 500 people every day on average according to Business Insider and most locations would consider the morning hours the busiest time of the day. Although drinking a morning beverage is a common routine for most, the preferred drink of choice is still an ongoing debate. 

Jonah Goodman, a student, certainly has his preference. “I’m a huge coffee drinker. I drink up to three cups a day probably.” 

Goodman said, “I don’t care if it’s a latte, cold brew, or just straight coffee, I need something of that variety to get me through the day.” 

Coffee and tea are among the top morning beverage options for students.

Goodman noted that what drew him to coffee was the flavor. “It (coffee) is so strong and has a rustic flavor almost making it really the perfect drink for waking up,” Goodman said. 

Goodman also admits his habit may not be healthy but that he isn’t so worried about the effects. “I know caffeine is a drug and for me to say I’m not addicted would be a lie,” said Goodman, “but millions of people drink coffee each morning, and I haven’t seen any news recently about anyone getting hurt.” 

However, coffee isn’t every student’s cup of tea. Jenni Palillero, a student who also works at Starbucks, prefers to wake up each morning with a hot or iced tea. “Every morning I make hot tea with honey because it makes my throat feel really nice and kind of clears my sinuses for the day,” Palillero said. 

The variety of different flavors and blends of different tea flavors are what drew Palillero’s attention. “I was sick of getting the same coffee every day, so I got tea one morning and realized there are so many different types of tea to try and it made each morning like a tasting experience for me,” said Palillero.

For Michael Paulin, a student, it is important to keep a consistent morning routine and coffee is a part of that. “I do the same thing every morning because it leads to good habits like being on time for work and school,” said Paulin, “part of this routine is coffee and even though I don’t like the taste I like that it jump starts my day and gives me a lot of energy.” 

Paulin’s strict morning routine wasn’t something he learned on his own. “My parents drink coffee every morning before work so one day I asked for a cup too,” said Paulin, “ever since then it’s just been how I start my day.”