Wig making works as stylish coping strategy

Gabriela Garate

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When she is spotted across a room, she will definitely be recognized, from her bright smile and colorful hair, Solana Hunt is often complimented for her style.

Everyone wonders what new hair color she will be rocking this time. She is known for being bubbly and colorful, many at her work calling her a “flower child.”

She is a first-year student who has not yet decided on what she is majoring in, “I don’t know what I am doing with my life, but I know I want to make money.”

Like many others, Hunt suffers from depression and anxiety. She claims to have her good and bad days but has always tried to smile through everything.

She copes with her depression by, “Wig making.”

“Makings wigs helps me with my depression and anxiety. The process of making a wig is a calming pattern for me.” Wig making for Solana is an art that gives her great stress relief and satisfaction when she finishes a wig.

So far, Hunt has made three wigs and is currently working on making a new one.  

Her wigs also range in all sorts of sizes and colors. As of now, she is styling her hair in long black braids with hints of purple and pink in them.

Hunt works on her wigs for six hours or more, sometimes it even takes her a day depending how much time she puts into her work.

She has considered seeing herself making wigs for a living, “Wig making does make good money, maybe it is something I could see myself doing in the future as a career. As long as you have a goal everything will be okay.” She often tells herself that in order to remind herself to keep going.

Hunt’s favorite part of making a wig is putting it on when it is finished and also, “Not paying much money in buying one.” Some of the wigs she notices online can be $500 or more.

Having made it with her own two hands, Hunt thinks this makes her wigs more valuable to her, than just buying one from online. She loves the feeling of accomplishing a goal and the compliments she receives when she wears her new wigs.

Hunt may suffer from depression and anxiety like many of us do, but she has found a unique way for her to overcome the symptoms and express herself in today’s world.