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What is your favorite unique place to shop, whether it’s brick-in-mortar or online?

“I love going to Hot Topic at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg. It is the number one shop in the geek universe. You can get merchandise from a lot of different genres such as rock & roll, professional wrestling, and comic books. I am a huge fan of “The Flash” on The CW and I bought my Star Laboratories sweatshirt from Hot Topic.” — Jake Allonar


“I enjoy buying clothes at Aeropostale online. There are a variety of clothing such as jeans, t-shirts, tees, and shorts. Once in a while, I buy their pullover sweaters because I enjoy their designs a lot.” – Josselyn Cruz


“H&M is one of my go-to stores. They always have perfect fitting basic shirts in neutral colors that go great with any outfit. Their clothes are great for layering and for creating a clean look. Most of all, it’s affordable and easy to find in most locations like Woodfield Mall or Old Orchard Mall.” – Jessica So


“Nothing is better than going to a store that has everything you need in one place; a one stop shop. Target offers clothes, electronics, beauty supplies, kitchen appliances, furniture, groceries, etc. I cannot enter Target and expect to leave with only one thing. Money is a concern with some people but with Target’s pricing, they offer an app called cartwheel that saves shoppers money as they hop. When you come across a product you need, scan the barcode and the item gets automatically added to the apps wallet. As you make your way to checkout, the cashier will scan your phone and it takes off whatever amount of money you have saved. Since Target is such a well known store and is featured almost everywhere in the United States, they are easily accessible. Having a store with everything you need, is undeniably great and convenient.”- Jillian Sagat


“ My favorite store to shop is at PacSun. I have been going to PacSun for the last eight years and they have not disappointed. They are a brand for kids and teenagers. They have now brought some of my favorite brands into their store. They have brought Champion, Tommy Hilfiger, Brandy Melville, Calvin Klein, and many more. The thing I like most about PacSun is they are very affordable. Now and days, we are getting charged like 100 dollars for a white plain t-shirt. That is absurd! PacSun has many deals going on always and has a reward system which gives shoppers coupons and money off when they spend a certain amount. I think the reward system draws me in even more because I get a lot of deals and get rewarded for spending money, which makes me feel a little better about spending money on that new shirt that I really didn’t need! Overall I believe PacSun has a great variety of clothing for males and females, and I recommend everyone should check it out.”- Grace Sylvester


“I think one of the best places to shop as a student is the website UNiDAYS. UniDAYS is made for college students and offers discounts or freebies for name brand products such as apple or even special deals on hotels. I’ve used it to get a discount on apple music and to get discounts on clothing brands like Kate Spade and Ray-Band’s. It’s constantly updated on specials and freebies as well. I recommend it to anyone who’s trying to save some money while in college.” -Madison Hunter