How do you see social inequality? Do you want to debate about it?

Robin Sluzas

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Oakton’s Diversity Council is organizing a debate by a student team for the student population about the pros and cons of an issue chosen by students. The goal of the debate is to gain better understanding of each others viewpoints, and to find common ground.  

The Council has prepared a survey in order to determine student interest in having this type of event.

The survey features suggested debate topics that students can choose from. The survey asks students to suggest a topic of his or her own, if students would like to be part of the debate team or a part of the audience, are interested in crafting a solution to the chosen topic after the debate, and what days and times they would be available to attend the debate.

In today’s world, discussion about a difficult topic can be polarizing. Many people are divided, and feel frustrated that they cannot find a way to come to a solution about a difficult topic.  

The Diversity Council believes the debate format is an important tool to use because debating helps both debaters and audience members to develop essential critical thinking skills.  

It provides both debaters and audience members with the ability to make reasoned and well thought out arguments, in addition to questioning the evidence behind a specific position or conclusion.  

A debate is both personal and distant at the same time.  It is not a lecture from a professor. It’s open, honest and presents the chosen topic in a healthy, honest and respectful manner without being directly accusatory.  It is informative. It is collaborative and participatory.

In addition, in today’s world, many topics of discussion relate to whether diversity is important or not.  The Council believes that diversity is important, because it teaches humans that differences in others are beneficial and not necessarily harmful.  

With the realization that we are, before anything else, human beings with human contradictions, diversity leads to a cooperative existence, which in turn leads to positive progress for all.  Simply put, diversity conquers personal, local, national and world view fears by employing inclusion which encourages the better parts of all human beings.

It is for this reason that the Diversity Council is seeking to find out if students are interested in participating in this event. Please remember that this survey is for students only.  Please fill out the survey by Feb. 14 if possible. To link to the survey, please click the following link: https://tinyurl.com/oaktondc or go to oaktonoccurrence.com.

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How do you see social inequality? Do you want to debate about it?