Student debates over getting vaccinated

Ammara Qureshi

Reasons for  getting vaccinated

  • I get to protect my family, mainly my mother who suffers from a respiratory disease herself and is most at-risk in our household. 
  • Is it estimated that 70-90 percent of a community needs to receive ‘herd immunity’, where the majority of the community will not get sick, for a community to be immune against the virus. 
  • Vaccines undergo clinical trials to showcase whether they are effective and safe for use. But before the vaccines are put into use under an Emergency Use Authorization, it is made sure that pros outweigh the cons. 
  • Getting the vaccine is  cheaper (FREE) than the hospital bills that may come with being infected itself.

Reasons for  NOT getting vaccinated

  • Just general distrust of any kind of vaccine, including vaccines that should be taken during your childhood. 
  • Suspicion behind how the vaccine was created so quickly, whereas it has taken years for other diseases’ vaccines to be created. This time however, scientists have had the vaccine technology for 20 years to assist them in creating this vaccine, which is why it took less time. 
  • Poorer countries will not have access to mass immunization until mid 2022 and beyond, like the majority of Africa, with Africa being 2023 and onwards. (However, current supplies of vaccine can NOT be sent to other countries),
  • There is not much information on the side effects of vaccines, and so people may stall getting vaccinated out of distrust of what the side-effects may hold.